Webinar: When Chatbots Make Sense

Webinar: When Chatbots Make Sense

A business case analysis of chatbots for more effective customer engagement



Date: Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Time: 16:00 (IST)

Duration: 1 Hour



Chatbots are cool to implement, but will a chatbot support your business objectives? Join our webinar with Toni Ressaire and Neil Mahony as they discuss the cases for and against automated chat support. During this webinar, we'll address the following key questions:

  • Does your business need a chatbot?
  • Can a chatbot add value to your customer's experience?
  • Which metrics can validate the business case?
  • Will a fully automated chat or a hybrid-human model work


Toni RessaireToni 
Project Director,
Technically Write IT

Toni Ressaire has been working with chatbots and conversation design since 2016. Her early research into information development for emerging technologies focused on chatbots as a use case for
developing new content models for technical communication.



picture of neil mahony

Instructional Designer,
Technically Write IT

Neil Mahony is part of the chatbot team at TWi, which has developed chatbots as part of an overall content strategy. Neil has used a variety of chatbot tools, giving him insight into the best use cases for technical communication strategies.



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