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TWi and Tech Writers Without Borders and You

Together, We Can Help

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

– William Shakespeare

Your expertise could save a life.

TWi and Tech Writers Without Borders are partnering to bring together nonprofit organisations and technical writers.

It’s really about helping people.

Many COVID-19 nonprofit projects require the expertise of professional writers, like you.

TWi and Tech Writers Without Borders help you make the connection to the nonprofits that need your help, now.

Volunteer on a project in your domain of expertise, or help where you can.

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How to Volunteer:

Step 1

Click the chat icon at the bottom right of this screen to chat with our automated Volunteer Bot.

Step 2

Give us permission to collect your info, which is stored securely and accessed only by our team.

Step 3

Answer some questions about your expertise, availability, and tell us how we can contact you.

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Step 4

We receive your info and will be in touch when we have a project that matches your expertise.

If you're a nonprofit organisation looking for technical writing support:


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