Training – How to Become a Better Writer

Whether you’re a technical writer or a technical subject matter expert (SME) who needs to improve your writing, editing, and documentation skills, we’ve got the right training course for you.

Below is our upcoming training course, but if you would like specific information on a tailored in-house delivery please let us know at

Technical Writing Skills:

This one-day training course provides SMEs such as engineers, scientists, and technical professionals with the knowledge and skills to make their writing clearer and more effective.

To find out more about the course and make a booking please check out our Technical Writing Skills  page.


Whether you have dedicated information developers in-house or work with external technical writing experts, it is almost certain that there are other individuals in your organisation who are involved in content creation. We develop courses tailored to the needs of individuals who are involved in the delivery of technical documentation – without necessarily being trained writers. Participants are typically a mix of technical professionals, SMEs and, inexperienced information developers.

Our courses are designed to give you practical hands-on experience in the most relevant areas of content development. We provide:

  • Expert Trainers: Our trainers are experienced technical communicators who engage in open discussion on your specific issues and provide invaluable tips for creating lean, simple documentation that clearly addresses the needs of your audience.
  • Industry-Specific Experience: We can support you in understanding and meeting the challenges of regulatory requirements and quality standards for your particular industry.
  • Customisation: We can invest time upfront in asking questions and listening to your specific needs and then tailor our training material to ensure any course we deliver contains the most appropriate content for you.
  • Added Value: Technical communication is our business. Beyond training, you can benefit from availing of some of our other services: technical or business writing, editing and proofreading, information design, or project management and consulting.


  • Audience Analysis and Information Gathering
  • Characteristics of Good Writing: Grammar, Punctuation, and Structure
  • Style Guides and Templates
  • Review Process and Editing Skills

Contact us if you’re interested in seeing a complete list of our modules and courses or would like to discuss customisation options for your industry, company, or department.


Our training courses are based on sharing real experience gained by the team at TWi, group discussion, and interactive, practical exercises. In-class activities enable participants to apply new ideas and knowledge and foster peer learning. We include key takeaways and additional learning resources in a student handbook to maximise learning outcomes. After taking part in one of our training courses, you will be better equipped to:

  • Collaborate and communicate more effectively with all stakeholders involved in the documentation process
  • Employ clear, concise, and persuasive writing techniques to deliver key messages whether your focus is on user manuals, technical guides, training material, or reports
  • Enhance the consistency and usability of your documentation
  • Achieve greater efficiency, saving time and resources