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Writing Release Notes: Five Top Tips

Release notes are a vital component of any update of software and apps. They let the reader know what has happened since the last release, for example, what bugs have been fixed and if there have been any new features added. Release notes can be written for both internal and external audiences. This can affect […]

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Let’s Talk Technical Writing Webinar

In May 2020 TWi hosted a webinar on all things Technical Writing. Toni Ressaire, an international technical communications thought leader was interviewed by Oonagh Montague, TWi’s Training Manager. They looked at questions like, ‘What is technical writing?’, ‘How did you become a technical writer?’ and, ‘Can anyone learn to do it?’ This informal webinar was […]

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Writing FAQs: Dos and Don’ts

In recent years, FAQs have become a controversial issue in the web design and technical writing world. FAQs originated in the 1980s on discussion boards where regular contributors compiled lists of FAQs so that they wouldn’t have to repeat information for newcomers. Since then, FAQ pages have become a standard part of most websites, without […]

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Writing User Manuals: Five Top Tips

Writing user manuals is a common requirement of the technical writer’s role across many different industries. It’s also not uncommon for this task to fall to someone who is not a technical writer by trade — and in this case, writing user manuals can seem like a daunting task. We’ve drawn on our expertise in […]

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The Internet of Things: Insights from CeBIT

One of the major events on the tech calendar is CeBIT, which takes place in Hannover, Germany annually, and brings together a wide spectrum of B2B industries. This year, the lead theme of the event, ‘d!conomy: join – create – succeed‘, focused attention on the digital transformation of business. Exhibitors and speakers displayed and discussed […]

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Techcomm Education: What’s Going On?

We recently learned that academic institutions in the UK are no longer providing third-level qualifications in technical communication. Several techcomm courses that had existed at various universities have been shut down. The topic of techcomm education was already one in which we were keenly interested and actively involved. This information seemed to contradict our perception […]

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