Recruiting for Instructional Design Project with Multinational Client

We are actively seeking to fill two positions on a large instructional design project for one of our clients. We already have a writing team in place and are now in the process of setting up a second team. We are looking for applicants for the following positions on this new team:

  • Documentation coordinator
  • Technical writer/instructional designer

The team of 10 will support a leading multinational to develop a wide range of innovative courseware for its software products. The multinational uses this courseware to train its employees, partners, and customers. The successful candidates will be part of a global organization with an open and communicative atmosphere. Training will be provided for tools, processes, and all relevant areas as required.

Take a look at our recruitment process to find out how to apply. You can also download the full job specs for more details about each role.

Instructional Design Project Roles

Documentation Coordinator

We need an experienced coordinator to lead one of our technical writing/instructional design teams, initially on a full-time fixed-term contract basis.  Extensive coaching will also be provided by a more experienced colleague who is fulfilling this role for the other existing team of 10, having worked with this client for some time already.

Download the job spec for more details: Documentation Coordinator Job Spec

Technical Writer/Instructional Designer

We are also looking for experienced freelance technical writers/instructional designers to join the team on a full-time contract basis. The writers will contribute to design and planning phases as well as creating and editing training material.

Download the job spec for more details: Instructional Designer Job Spec

We look forward to hearing from you!


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  1. Ruth Quinlan May 17, 2013 at 9:55 am #

    As a quick update to this recruitment post, we are delighted to report that we filled all of the above positions. Our new documentation coordinator and instructional designers have gone through training and orientation and are now working away on their assigned project tasks. We wish them all the best of luck and look forward to seeing some top-notch courseware!

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