Project Management and Consultancy

Want to outsource some of your documentation project management activities or avail of expert consultancy? Our senior staff can hit the ground running.

twi-website-project-management-img-1Developing high-quality documentation on time and on budget can present many challenges, especially at a busy time, for example, when you’re preparing for the launch of a new product or need to align your deliverables with standards set by a new parent company if you’ve recently been acquired. At TWi, we offer fully managed documentation solutions if you don’t have the required capacity or expertise in-house.


Our project managers are trained professionals, with extensive experience managing complex documentation projects within the IT, MedTech, and Pharma space. They can integrate seamlessly into your team and processes, supporting internal or external staff as required. We can manage any aspect of a documentation project for you or oversee the entire process. Our project managers typically carry out the following activities:

  • Develop a comprehensive documentation plan for your project
  • Control project budgets and timelines in line with your expectations
  • Schedule resources, tasks, milestones, and deliverables
  • Assess and mitigate risks, agreeing proposed solutions with you and your team
  • Coordinate technical writers and editors, supporting them to get started and overseeing the quality of what they produce
  • Manage relationships between writers and subject matter experts (SMEs) to ensure effective knowledge transfer
  • Organise cycles of internal and client reviews
  • Take ownership within agreed limits and ensure that deliverables meet required style and quality standards
  • Manage the production of final deliverables, escalating issues through the appropriate channel within your team until they are resolved
  • Track and report project progress regularly to all stakeholders within your team
  • Liaise with graphic designers, translation and localisation vendors, and other parties as needed
  • Manage any changes to the project requirements or schedule
  • Conduct post-project evaluation and wrap-up, ensuring a smooth handover takes place between TWi and your team



Call us on +353 (0)21 242 8800 or complete our simple enquiry form to discuss your requirements around documentation project management and consultancy. We look forward to hearing from you!



If you need to revisit your overall approach to content creation and would value a fresh independent perspective, we can support you by examining your current documentation practices and offering recommendations on how things could be improved. TWi’s critical and professional analysis is based on lessons learned over a number of years from real experience on a variety of client projects from different industries. It enables you to make more informed business decisions that follow best practices and regulatory standards for your industry. Our service covers your overall content strategy, the entire writing process, the best tools available on the market, and the different publishing formats you can choose from to ensure the most effective delivery. We listen to understand your goals and then customise our proposed solutions to meet your specific requirements. The following are some of the areas we typically assess.


Some companies assume their products, services, and processes are intuitive and do not need much explanation at all. On the other hand, there are technology companies who deliver documentation that deals exclusively and in great detail with the technology used to develop their products – rather than how customers can actually use it to make their lives easier. These companies may have difficulty selling their products to new customers, and receive a high number of support requests from existing customers. Our approach begins by considering your target audience and their information needs. We ensure that this forms the foundation of your documentation plan. We help you to provide your target audience with the information they need and eliminate the fluff. We apply a logical structure to your documents, making it easier for your audience to find the content they’re looking for.


Consistency is key to ensuring quality across all of your documentation. This can be difficult to achieve if you have multiple people working on your written deliverables. This is why we encourage our clients to implement a style guide, specifying how people within their company should write, and develop templates for each type of deliverable they plan to create. Research shows that users generally prefer a more personal style and tone. With this in mind, we show you ways to address your target audience directly, for example, by limiting your use of the passive voice.

We can follow up if necessary by delivering focused documentation-related training to help you develop the skills needed to drive and implement all or any of the suggested changes. Alternatively, we can continue to support you with our technical and business writing or editing and proofreading services as a valued strategic partner who can scale to meet your changing needs.


An honest and open exchange during our initial face-to-face meeting with the TWi team in Cork helped to establish a good relationship from the outset. The detailed breakdown and the creation of effort estimates and planning definitely helped convince us that we were in safe hands with this documentation project – the creation of a user manual for Salto’s latest software release.

We were very pleased with the clear and transparent processes that guided us all the way from scheduling to draft creation and reviews, through to final delivery. This could have been a difficult project to manage as we were transitioning from an older software version to our new product, but strong communication with TWi throughout ensured that any issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently. I personally had to invest very little time in project management and was spared a number of headaches as TWi’s service delivery manager worked with the writers and our subject matter experts to ensure deadlines were managed as needed throughout.

Everybody was clear on the current state of play at all times and we were very happy with the quality of the documentation produced. We look forward to working again with the TWi team on our next project later this year.

Jennifer Stack, Vice President of Marketing, Salto Systems