Effective Writing Skills

Effective Writing Skills

This one-day Effective Writing Skills course provides subject matter experts (SMEs) such as engineers, scientists, and technical professionals with the knowledge and skills to make their writing clearer and more effective.

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Dublin: October 24, 2019
Cork: November 14, 2019

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Course Outline

Our Effective Writing Skills course is designed to give you practical hands-on experience in the most relevant areas of content development.

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Information Gathering

Develop audience-centric content.

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Develop editing and reviewing cycles.

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Structure content effectively.

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Use templates to increase efficiency.


Fix grammar and punctuation errors.

Style Guides

Apply style guides to support consistency.

Our Expertise

Our courses are designed to give you practical hands-on experience in the most relevant areas of content development. We provide:

Expert Trainers

Our trainers are experienced technical communicators who engage in open discussion on your specific issues and provide invaluable tips for creating lean, simple documentation that clearly addresses the needs of your audience.

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Industry Knowledge

We can support you in understanding and meeting the challenges of regulatory requirements and quality standards for your particular industry.

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We can invest time upfront in asking questions and listening to your specific needs and then tailor our training material to ensure any course we deliver contains the most appropriate content for you.

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Added Value

Beyond training, you can benefit from availing of some of our other services: technical or business writing, editing and proofreading, information design, or project management and consulting.

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Improve your writing, editing, and documentation skills.



This is what people have been saying about TWi’s training courses.

“Very informative, went into great detail on points of interest from participants. Great interaction and very open to questions.”


“The content is excellent, it’s really clear. Well thought out and very informative. Provided very useful insights into the world of technical writing and its challenges.”


“The presenters were very natural, explained the material well, and made the content interesting.”



Our course includes practical exercises, key takeaways, and additional resources that maximise learning outcomes, helping you to:

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Write more confidently.

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Create technical content that is easy to understand.

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Improve the professionalism of your documentation.

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Enhance content quality, consistency, and usability.


Cristín Leach is a communications expert with more than twenty years' experience as a journalist with The Sunday Times and RTE. A former Digital Editor with RTE.ie, she teaches Effective Writing Skills, Storytelling for Business, and Journalism Skills to audiences ranging from IT, medtech, and pharmaceutical professionals to third level students and academics. She is an engaging and intuitive trainer who specialises in the translation of technical material into clear language, and the presentation of new or complex ideas to a specified audience.

Beyond training, you can use our technical writing, editing, information design, and documentation consulting services to fully benefit from our expertise and knowledge of best practices.



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Next Delivery:

Dublin October 24, 2019

Cork November 14, 2019

Duration: 1 Day | 9.00am - 4.30pm

Price: Super Early Bird Offer €350 + VAT