Editing and Proofreading

Need a second pair of eyes to review your documentation? We offer a variety of specialist editing and proofreading services.

twi-editing-and-proofreading-img-1Rushing to publish content can lead to costly revisions and reprints, especially when your information is highly technical and being translated from English into multiple follow-on languages. Even the best writers in the world can overlook typos, omissions, and inconsistencies in their own work. That’s why they have editors. Regardless of your level of expertise, there is always something to be gained from getting an independent third-party to review your writing.

At TWi, we can provide a fresh perspective on your work and give our expert opinion on how to approach a challenging documentation project. We can meticulously edit your documentation to help ensure that the content meets your audience’s needs, is well structured and consistent, and free from language errors. Let our team of professional editors take the worry out of publishing your documentation.


First and foremost, as editors we need to know who the audience is and ensure that the content is tailored to meet their information needs. We need to assess the material we receive by asking:

  • Who is the documentation aimed at?
  • How much prior knowledge does the target audience have about the topic?
  • What information do they need to take action?
  • Is the information provided in the documentation correct and complete?



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Whether we are looking at a single-page brochure or an entire online help system comprising hundreds of topics, we consider how the information is put together and whether it fits with your overall content strategy. We ask the following questions:

  • Is there a logical flow to how the information is presented?
  • Is there an industry or company-specific template and has the writer adhered to it?
  • Is the information divided into meaningful chunks with appropriate use of topics, sections, and headings?
  • Are lists, tables, and graphics integrated to supplement the text?
  • Can the audience easily identify and locate the information they need?
  • Are navigation aids, such as a table of content or index, required and available?
  • Is any information repeated unnecessarily?


This is the area that usually springs to people’s minds first when they think about editing or proofreading. Your team has worked hard to build a brand and inspire trust and confidence among your target audience. Your hard work can be undone in an instant if people spot spelling and grammar mistakes in your written deliverables or a perceived lack of quality. At TWi, we advocate using plain English, eliminating wordy expressions, and limiting the amount of technical jargon you introduce to enhance readability. Our process includes a thorough pass through the document, checking content line by line and word by word for things like:

  • Mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Unnecessary jargon
  • Unexplained acronyms or abbreviations
  • Inconsistent terminology
  • Ambiguous sentences
  • Awkward phrasing

Consistency is key to ensuring quality across all of your documentation. Our editors check all content against your in-house style guide and templates (if they exist) and highlight any discrepancies. If required, we can also help you to develop your own company style guide or templates. Many clients initially avail of our information design and documentation-related training services to improve the quality of the documentation they produce. This simplifies the subsequent editing and proofreading process.


My team worked with TWi to edit and refine a highly technical Healthcare Solutions Build Guide. The Build Guide was intended for use by installers of our Medical Image Sharing and Management solution, experts in Linux, VMware, Oracle, Documentum, J4Care HCC, and storage technologies.

Together with the writing team, we worked out a schedule that suited our deadlines while still ensuring that our internal review processes were adhered to. Our SME and the writer worked in partnership so that when we provided the technical details, the writer then ensured that the final content was well-written, appropriate to the audience, and, above all else, clear and usable.

We were very pleased with TWi’s performance throughout the project and with the final guide. We look forward to working with their team again on future projects.

Derek Nelson, Industry Solutions Engineering Manager, EMC