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TWi is an exciting, high-growth, and award-winning company with headquarters in Cork, Ireland. We deliver outsourced business-to-business technical writing, editing, and documentation solutions. We work primarily with clients who are involved in software and hi-tech product development on deliverables such as training material, e-learning, technical guides, user manuals, and online help.

We are in our fifth year of operation and have ambitious plans – joining us now means you have the potential to contribute to decision-making and really influence the direction the company takes as it continues to grow. If you are interested in being part of a forward-thinking organisation with a global reach and an open and communicative culture, TWi could be the right choice for you! Read more about the experience required and our recruitment process below.

If you’re interested in available opportunities at TWi, use our simple contact form.


If you feel you’re the kind of candidate we’re looking for at TWi, let us know. Here’s an outline of the steps involved in starting to work for us:

  1. Contact is established between potential candidates and TWi.
  2. We request a CV and writing samples from the candidate.
  3. If the CV and samples are acceptable, we schedule a writing test.
  4. If the candidate performs well in the writing test, we schedule a face-to-face or phone interview with them.
  5. If the candidate performs well in the interview, we add them to our pool of qualified writers.
  6. Once the candidate is added to the pool, we start to match them with suitable clients and projects – either as an employee or freelance resource.