Business Writing

Having difficulties with business reports, tenders, white papers, brochures, website content, or video scripts? We can support you.

twi-business-writing-img-1Creating effective sales and marketing collateral and writing engaging business reports can be laborious for companies operating in the IT, MedTech, or Pharmaceutical sectors. However, the quality of the documentation you produce impacts the impression you make on your intended audience, which may include customers, prospects, investors, shareholders, and journalists. So it’s important to gets your message right.

Our team at TWi has the skills and expertise to deliver highly-effective business communications to leading multinational clients. We can help you to project a professional image that inspires confidence and trust. We can develop templates and a dedicated style guide if required, or adapt our writing to match any existing branding and style guidelines you have in place. Every company requires a different mix of business documents, but we’ve highlighted some of the ones we work with most often below.


Brochures, sales presentations, product overviews, data sheets, and newsletters can all be used effectively to promote your company, products, and services both to existing and potential customers. As space is often limited in these formats, we craft your message as clearly and concisely as possible. At TWi, we focus on key points and highlight how interested readers can access further information.


Annual reports, business reports, white papers, company magazines, and policy documents highlight important company activities and achievements. They also outline your company’s strategy and objectives for the future. People will judge your company and all others by the quality of their literature, so high standards must be set and achieved consistently. At TWi we can ensure your content reads well throughout. As your trusted documentation partner, we treat any confidential information acquired during the course of our work with the utmost respect. We will never disclose sensitive company information to third parties.



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Preparing project proposals and tender documents can be challenging. However, buyers from both the public and private sectors need solid evidence about potential suppliers, as they are ultimately accountable for the money they spend on behalf of their employers. Our team at TWi can help you to craft a strong and coherent proposal, highlighting the strengths and experience that qualify your company to supply the relevant product or service. We also make sure to articulate your unique approach to solving the buyer’s problem, which improves your chances of success significantly.


Customers are reluctant to do business with companies who create a bad first impression with typos, grammatical errors, or inconsistent and messy formatting scattered across their website. With TWi, you can rest assured – we apply the same high quality standards to website content as we do to the rest of the documentation we produce, edit, and proofread.

If you want your website to be found by people who use search engines like Google, you need to write website content based around keywords and phrases that match what potential customers are looking for. At TWi, we understand how search engines work. We create web content that ranks higher and appears more frequently in search results related to your area of expertise. By focusing on SEO from the outset, our copywriting offers you enhanced visibility and results in more visitors coming to your website.

Some company websites overload visitors with too much information and use complex jargon that they may not understand. Others contain limited high-level information and omit important details, leaving visitors with more questions than answers. Getting the balance right is difficult when writing online, especially for hi-tech companies with innovative and cutting-edge solutions. TWi delivers website content that’s easy to scan, brief, and to the point. This attracts visitors’ attention and gives them a good first impression of your company within seconds. If they like what they see, we ensure easy navigation between pages using menus and hyperlinks to access more in-depth information. We engage your audience by inserting multiple, context-specific calls to action.


Many companies now include videos and podcasts in their corporate communication strategy. This is a good idea that’s generally welcomed by their target audience. However, it’s important to invest time and effort in scripting video and audio if you want it to be useful, informative, and well-received. Our team at TWi would be happy to help you with scripting to ensure that your videos and podcasts become more than the latest marketing gimmick, by serving a defined purpose and resonating with your target audience.

Our business writing service is guaranteed to find the right words to inform, educate, motivate, or persuade your target audience depending on your needs. It complements our technical writing service very well. If you prefer to write your own documentation, why not talk to us about editing and proofreading instead?


Our documentation project involved the creation of a high-value proposal for a national tender. The audience for this proposal was quite diverse, ranging from government officials to medically trained professionals. This meant that we needed to ensure the document was not only of high quality but also comprehensible to a lay person, with no confusing/unnecessary medical or technical jargon. We had a tight deadline and needed to get all the raw content from multiple contributors collated, edited, polished, and structured into a more professional template within a three-week period.

I worked closely with TWi’s assigned team lead and technical writer and was pleased with how the communication between Ireland and our offices in Kuwait was handled. TWi pinpointed any gaps in the content that still needed to filled, as well as any items that needed further clarification. They then ensured that our feedback on the drafts was implemented quickly and consistently, and they ironed out disparities between the different contributors’ content. An unexpected but very welcome value-added service was TWi’s performance of a senior management review on the proposal (by a director with extensive experience in the healthcare area). This ‘zoomed out’ executive view of the proposal was useful for our own management when tendering the document for final submission. It was a real pleasure working with TWi and I look forward to having another opportunity to do so again in the future.

Nadia Hammouda, Business Development Agent, MMI-Kuwait