Using DITA Creatively to Develop Training Material

When we developed our Effective Writing Skills training course, we created the course materials using the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), to test its usefulness for small content production projects. DITA is an open XML standard for creating, organising, and publishing topic-based information. The content team who developed the course material acted as ‘customers’. They […]

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Creating Effective Work Instructions: Kyle Shropshire’s “The Error Free Workplace”

Kyle Shropshire’s The Error Free Workplace explores the significance of well-written instructions and highlights how well-written instructions can contribute to an error free workplace. If you want to reduce workplace errors, this book explains how technical writing can help you achieve your objective. Errors and Consequences To commence, the book outlines why some work instructions […]

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Innovating Technical Communication Education

A few years ago, TWi collaborated with Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and other organisations to develop the syllabus for a new postgraduate technical communication program in Information Design and Development. This post tells the story of how it came about. Innovative Design The idea grew from a conversation between Patrice Fanning, founder of TWi, […]

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Information 4.0 – Making Content Intelligent

As the industrial revolution enters its fourth stage, technical communication is evolving in parallel. The challenge for technical communicators is to develop new methods of creating, managing, and storing content that are compatible with the latest delivery channels – to close the gap between the more traditional technical communication methods and the requirements that Industry […]

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“Information Design: Research and Practice” – a Bible for Information Designers?

Information Design: Research and Practice, edited by Alison Black, Paul Luna, Ole Lund, and Sue Walker, is a compendium of theories and practical examples of information from leading researchers and practitioners. This is an excellent resource, comprehensively addressing multiple aspects of information design. Erik Speikerman, one of the contributors to the book, describes the volume […]

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The New Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and the End User: Supporting Usability Through Documentation

The medtech industry is undergoing significant change, from the introduction of the new MDR and the update to ISO 13485, to the growth of home-based healthcare and the uncertainties of Brexit. This post was originally published in November 2017 and updated in March 2018. At some recent Irish medtech events, the major topics dominating conversation were: […]

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Human Error Reduction in the Biopharmaceutical Industry: How Outsourcing Can Help

Improving your Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) documentation is often a central aspect of a human error reduction project. Unclear or poorly written standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions, and batch manufacturing records contribute to increased human error and inefficient training. In this post, we outline how a managed service solution for documentation can support human […]

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